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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: API changes introduced while fixing bug 10755
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 21:52:19 GMT
At 02:28 AM 2/12/2003, Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:

>4) for the future
>I think we should change a number of method signatures to use Resource
>instead of File.

s/change/add/ (and mark the old methods deprecated), at least for methods 
already in a release. Until we decide it is time to clean out the cruft and 
release Ant 2.

>I have the following in mind :
>     - adding new properties to the Resource class

The eventual plan would be to make this Resource class represent an entry 
in a virtual file system. Therefore, it should provide either a subset of 
all common properties on the different file systems (not desirable as it is 
far too limiting) or a superset of properties with sensible behaviour when 
a property is used on a file system that doesn't provide it. Whether that 
behaviour is a BuildException, a warning message, or some default behaviour 
would depend on the specific circumstances. So, for example, attempting to 
get the compressed size of a file on disk could just return the regular 
size of the file.

>     - create a new routine in DirectoryScanner called Resource []
>ListDir(Resource base)

Personally, I'd like to see a completely different use of Scanners in the 
system. Conceptually, I don't think Tasks should work with Scanners 
directly, but instead get everything they need from fileset implementations 
of AbstractFileSet (AbstractResourceSet?). Scanners should be command 
objects that populate the required fields of the fileset. Whether the 
contents of the fileset come from a scanner or the hand of god is not 
something a task should be concerned about.

Eventually. And for the foreseeable future, the old way has to continue to 
work as well.

>it might ... pave the way for
>doing new things, like using a ZipFileSet as a source in the <copy> task

Or an FTPFileSet, or a DAVFileSet, or a CVSRevisionSet, or ...

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