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From Bill Burton <>
Subject Re: AW: ant xdocs! it ran!
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 19:57:34 GMT

Stefan Moebius wrote:
> --- Bill Burton <> wrote:
>>Navigation could easily be generated for each page.  The layout
>>really be done with CSS instead of tables.  This would provide more 
>>flexibility such as hiding the navigation when the page is printed.
> I totally agree. And this way, the index could even be made sticky. If
> you need any help regarding HTML/CSS, let me know.

Yes, that would be greatly appreciated as I'm not yet well versed in 
using CSS for layout.  If you or someone would like to refactor the 
attached HTML file to use CSS, that would be a big help.  Then these 
changes could then be applied to the proposal/xdocs/dvsl/task.dvsl 

Some work has already been done in this area for Ant's site pages.  See

Attached is the DVSL transformed XML for the <javac> task.  It's in text 
format to keep from (hopefully) being stripped from the message.  For 
some reason, gump is not pulling in the associated javac.xml file so 
that version has the javadoc alone without the content merged XML file.


> Stefan
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> Stefan Moebius       <> 
>   Wurzener Str. 43        +49 351 8475827
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