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From Bill Burton <>
Subject Re: AW: ant xdocs! it ran!
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 00:50:03 GMT

Erik Hatcher wrote:
> On Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 03:26  PM, Bill Burton wrote:
>> A while ago, I had merge points working.  Since the documentation for 
>> some of the tasks is rather verbose, it seemed to make more sense to 
>> keep that part in xdocs XML.  It was working so the Javadoc and an 
>> associated XML file for the task (if it existed) were merged by 
>> xDoclet.  However, the problem is if you edit the XML file, you have 
>> to run xDoclet again to pick up the changes.  It would be much better 
>> if one only had to run DVSL in that case.
>> I'll look at getting this working again.
> I might have inadvertently removed merge points from the templates.  
> Keep in mind that now the template is embedded in the xdoclet-apache JAR 
> file (but can be overridden using templatefile="..." on the subtask 
> inside <antdoclet>).

Nope.  In xdoclet/modules/apache/ant/resources/task_xml.xdt there are 
the lines:
   <XDtMerge:merge file="{0}.xml" generateMergedFile="false">
     <!-- no merge file present -->

I built it and the generated java/javac.xml, java/javadoc.xml and 
packing/tar.xml all have their respective XML files merged in from the 
src directory and in addition, the HTML looks correct.  So I suspect 
there's some build issue preventing <antdoclet> task from finding the 
the files src/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/*.xml.  Looks like the 
build/gen directory was cleaned up so I couldn't look at the generated XML.

> As for running XDoclet again to pick up the changes, I don't think this 
> is too much of a problem.  XDoclet does quite good dependency checking 
> and would probably do fine if only one example XML file changed.

Glad to hear that.  However, I assume it would have to generate most 
everything for the properties files.

>> Navigation could easily be generated for each page.  The layout should 
>> really be done with CSS instead of tables.  This would provide more 
>> flexibility such as hiding the navigation when the page is printed.
> Yes!  Anyone else read _Eric Meyer on CSS_?  Beautiful book.  Now for me 
> to apply what I've learned there one day soon.
> Glad to see you jumping back into it Bill.  I was hoping the visibility 
> of this would entice folks to get interested.

Yes, I'm sure it will help.

>     Erik


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