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From Bill Burton <>
Subject Re: AW: ant xdocs! it ran!
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 20:26:44 GMT

Great to see this online!  However, there's still *lot's* to do to bring 
the HTML up to where it can replace the current static version.

Erik Hatcher wrote:
> On Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 12:46  AM,  
> wrote:
>> I think the index should be sorted.
> Sure, thats easy enough.  The index, again, is a quick hack.  It was  
> generated by a simple Java program:
> ant/xdoclet/
> that walks the generated directory structure building very simple HTML.  
>  Patches to this are welcome.  I won't have time to fiddle with this  
> for a few days at least.
>> And maybe empty paragraphs (like "Parameters as nested elements" of
>> manual/s
>> cm/vsslabel.html) donĀ“t have to
>> be there (so without that header).
> The DVSL generation is merely a proof-of-concept.  It can easily be  
> tweaked numerous ways, or replaced with other generation mechanisms.

Right, that's why the DVSL version is in it's own subdirectory.  Someone 
is perfectly free to attempt an XSLT or maybe JSL (Jelly Style 
Language), etc. versions.

>> (graphic of Ant is missing in the top right edge).
> Oops.  I think I can fix that relatively easily, perhaps even just  
> replacing with an absolute URL for the time being.
>> And there are no samples.
> I think at some point a few samples were being included... I'm not sure  
> what it takes to pull them in with DVSL... or whether we want to do  
> that with XDoclet merge points.  I think I can get this to happen with  
> XDoclet merge points pretty easily (in a few days or more).

A while ago, I had merge points working.  Since the documentation for 
some of the tasks is rather verbose, it seemed to make more sense to 
keep that part in xdocs XML.  It was working so the Javadoc and an 
associated XML file for the task (if it existed) were merged by xDoclet. 
  However, the problem is if you edit the XML file, you have to run 
xDoclet again to pick up the changes.  It would be much better if one 
only had to run DVSL in that case.

I'll look at getting this working again.

>> Both (index and pages) into a frameset. (I would prefer frameset 
>> about  table
>> because
>> you have the index page always at the same height if you scroll the  
>> manual.)
> I hate frames.  :)  But perhaps for the sake of allowing us to view  
> this to discuss it might be a good idea.

Navigation could easily be generated for each page.  The layout should 
really be done with CSS instead of tables.  This would provide more 
flexibility such as hiding the navigation when the page is printed.

I can also look into generating an index page.  There could be one by 
group like what's there now and another that's alphabetical.


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