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From "Stu Halloway (DevelopMentor)" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Main.runBuild does not need to setSecurityManager
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 04:04:33 GMT
> I'd also like to get your thoughts (and others) on an effective way to 
> stop a non-forked Java program or a task from causing Ant to exit.

If the caller has (1) set a security manager that allows exit but 
disallows SM replacement, and (2) is using Main instead of Project, then 
there is not a lot we can do--but I don't have much sympathy for such 
clients. :-)

It seems that we could handle most other cases by:

a. Only instantiate an SM at all if some flag is set. That way the only 
people who have to deal with this weirdness are those fighting with 
ill-behaved tasks.
b. If (flag set) and (version > 1.1) install our SM.
c. SM delegates calls to the previous SM if any, except for checkExit.
d. Instead of always throwing SecurityException, allow the client to 
control which exception is thrown by setting some flag. This is a gross 
hack based on the assumption that different ill-behaved programs might 
eat different exceptions.

That still wouldn't be enough for all situations. I'd like to hear more 
from Peter about known problems.


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