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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: FW: starteam ant tasks
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:30:01 GMT
Steve Cohen wrote:
> Conor -
> Re: this patch to 14295
> I hadn't realized the others bugs you mentioned (14006,14208,14210)
> weren't in 1.5.2 either.  My preference would be that all of them go
> into 1.5.2, 

They all look like bugfixes (rather than new features) so they can go into 
1.5.2, IMHO. I'll take care of that.

> Re: we're all volunteers - I know and I salute you guys for all the work
> that you do!  Nonetheless, for those of us who also would like to help
> but at a lesser level of commitment than you committers, there needs to
> be a better mechanism to get our contributions into the flow.  In this
> case, you don't have StarTeam and have no ability to support these
> tasks.  I do, and am glad to help, and this amount of time commitment
> suits my schedule (although not my wife's!) but these sorts of delays
> are an annoyance.  

I agree completely. My personal priority for Ant, right now, is to get the 
number of bugs and enhancements down significantly. I certainly appreciate 
the help that people such as yourself put in.

> The systemic mechanisms do not work very well.  

I think those mechanisms (BugZilla) are OK. At one point most changes to Ant 
were submitted through [PATCH] mails. These were much harder to keep track 
of than with BugZilla. At least we have a persistent record, now, of the 
changes outstanding. It may take time but we do get to them.


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