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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Main.runBuild does not need to setSecurityManager
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 23:56:04 GMT
Stu Halloway (DevelopMentor) wrote:
> Ant isn't using a SecurityManager (well, at least not at this point in 
> the code). It's getting the one *I* set, then resetting it to the same 
> value. This is a no-op except for the fact that Ant now asserts a 
> permission that it doesn't need.

Agreed. This is the situation now and the code that is there is the "runt" 
of an attempt to turn on a security manager that would prevent a task from 
causing Ant to exit by calling System.exit(). This is the 
NoExitSecurityManager. I think the reason that is not done was JDK 1.1 
compatability although ISTR that Peter suggested setting the security 
manager after some classes were loaded from the jar would cause a problem.

>> IOW, Main is the command line driver for Ant. If you are integrating 
>> Ant into another environment with its own security manager, you should 
>> be integrating Project. 
> What if I am integrating Ant into a non-Java environment, and want to 
> turn on security from the command line? Is this usage invalid?

Yes, that is valid. I think Erik should go ahead and apply your patch. I'd 
also like to get your thoughts (and others) on an effective way to stop a 
non-forked Java program or a task from causing Ant to exit.


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