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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Need feedback on intended SourceFileScanner change
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 15:44:58 GMT
I'm looking in how to solve 10755 - jar update="true" doesn't update -
in a most general way.

What I've come up with is to define a very tiny abstraction interface
TargetObject with three methods:  exists(), getLastModified() and
getName().  Then I have a TargetFactory that creates TargetObjects
when given a name.

Finally I've modified SourceFileScanner to work on TargetObjects
instead of Files where the old method signature of restrict will use a
TargetFactory that wraps File instances in TargetObjects.

This is all much less complicated than it sounds 8-)
<> about 7Kb.  My mailer and
ezmlm don't like each other when I send attachments.

With this change things still work exactly as before, all tests pass.
But this gives us a low level entry point to compare source files with
ZipEntries or TarEntries or remote files or ...

Things I'd like feedback on before I commit anything

(1) TargetFactory is a bit clumsy in that it is a know-all
implementation.  It may be better to use an AbstractFactory and give
people a chance to plug in their own factories.  I'm not sure whether
it is worth the effort, though.

(2) Should the concept be extended to the source files as well, so you
can compare ZipEntries with TarEntries?  I really don't want to extend
this to a full VFS layer, just thinking.  This may be useful in the
context of <zipfileset> where you probably really wanted to compare
ZipEntries from the source set to ZipEntries of an existing archive.

(3) Names ... as always.  Chosing the right name for a class is not my


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