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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [SUMMARY] User Defined Types/Tasks Loading/Recongnition of Dynamic Elements
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 07:43:06 GMT
Magesh Umasankar wrote:

> Hi,
> Let me try to summarize what's been discussed so
> that we can move forward:
> The patch to map User Defined types/tasks to classes
> before default ones gathered a +0 vote and pointers
> towards its elegance.  But, the need to load the
> user defined mappings just before Ant starts parsing
> the build-file was accepted.  So, I withdraw this patch
> and wait for the day when an acceptable solution makes
> its way in ;-)

I think the real info about this is that redefining tasks/types
explicitely should work, and needs to be fixed.

What needs to be fixed is the execution of taskdefs before the 
task class is created - and that can be resolved either by 
moving back to execute top-level stuff imediately, or by
postponing the task class creation until before execution
( as embed does ). I don't see any major problem with either
of those solutions - I think we only need to discuss them and
find what we can agree is the best solution.

I think we agreed that the current behavior is broken - and 
that any solution will involve some tradeoff.

A different story is to support a mechanism to load some tasks by 
default at startup ( a sort of global .ant-startup.xml ). I've seen this 
mentioned on ant-dev in the past, and I think it would be nice to have.
If you have this you can customize what tasks are redefined at startup
( and a lot more ).


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