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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: [Proposal] Resolution for Ant top level project
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 08:07:57 GMT
> I have attached a draft resolution below. This is a pretty 
> standard cut and 
> paste of the recent resolutions passed by the board for other 
> top level projects. The only issue here I think is to settle 
> on a suitable scope for 
> the Ant project. The scope I have used in the draft is 
> slightly recursive in 
> nature so if anyone has any thoughts, let's discuss them.

I still don't have any well-defined idea of what the effect the resolution would actually
have, and I'm much better at deciding on whether or not I like effects than whether or not
I like regulations, as it were, but I don't see anything I *dislike* in the resolution.

> As for the make up of the PMC, I think we should aim for a 
> PMC comprising all active committers.

Yup, sounds good.

> This may be  a good opportunity to trim the Ant 
> committer list to those who are currently active. The avail 
> list includes many committers inherited when Ant was separated 
> from Tomcat.

Right. I'd be very happy to have some trimming, but I don't think that active/inactive is
necessarily the best place to draw the line. I think there are at least three reasonable categories:
currently active, currently inactive but with some intention of becoming active in the future,
and currently inactive with no real continuing interest in Ant. I'd class myself as the middle
category myself, and that's obviously the difficult category to decide upon in terms of whether
or not they should still be committers :)

> 1. For/Against the draft (as revised after discussions) being 
> sent to the board.

> 2. Whether you would be prepared to serve on the Ant PMC in 
> the event the resolution is approved by ant-dev and the board.

I'd be *prepared* to serve, but I'm not nominating myself to serve, if you see what I mean.

> To handle inactive committers, I suggest we could proceed by 
> contacting any committer who did not vote to confirm whether they wish to 
> remain an Ant committer, PMC member, PMC member - emeritus, etc.

+1 with the wrinkles earlier.

> We would also need to choose an initial PMC chairman. I guess 
> each voter could indicate their willingness to act as chairman. If there 
> is more than one, we will probably require an additional vote.

That's one post I don't think I could do well at all - but +1 on the process.

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