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Subject incremental compilation interface in Ant
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 15:42:31 GMT
I'm writing a taskdef that supports incremental compilation
during the lifetime of the process[1], and I'm curious if others
have opinions about the best view/controller interface -- 
esp. pitfalls I haven't considered.

  My current implementation permits the user to 
  specify a tag file which signals as follows:

  (a) when modified, do another compilation
  (b) when deleted, halt the process.

  The benefit of the file-based approach is that it
  works seamlessly in the simple case of editing a file.
  The drawback is that it can't be the source file 
  because you've got to delete it to exit.

  Another approach would be to use an InputHandler.
  Will this work when forking?

  My current plan is to emit the error/warning messages
  to the output /log stream as usual, perhaps delimiting 
  each recompile.  Is it instead possible to define
  message types when logging, so compiler messages can be
  extracted/distinguished from random text by any clients?

Thanks -

[1] meaning Ant and the compiler keep running, recompiling on
demand (and using in-memory information to track dependencies).  
By comparison, the current Javac task does partial compiles 
across multiple invocations of Ant by tracking .class -> .java
modifications and limiting the set of files passed to Javac.

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