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From "Anderson, Rob H - VSCM" <>
Subject SSH Tasks
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 18:37:24 GMT
I have been working on an SSH task (attached) that will allow you to run a
command remotely via ssh2. It will authenticate with an ssh key and
passphrase. It will only work if you have setup the authorized_keys on the
remote host and can authenticate non-interactively when your key is loaded.
It relies on the mindterm classes
( Currently The usage is:

 <target name="ssh">
         <ssh server="hostname"
                 command="command args"/>

I would like to eventually make it so that there can be nested <command>s
like so:

<target name="ssh">
        <ssh server="hostname"
                <command>acommand args</command>
                <command>anothercommand args</command>

I have a question about the licensing of such a task. Can I release it under
the Apache Software License? I am also planning to write a much needed SCP
task. Please contact me with any questions and feedback. Thanks.

Robert Anderson
Software Configuration Management
Vector SCM

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