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From Craeg K Strong <>
Subject Re: Need help with backwards incompatible resolver change
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 18:53:12 GMT
Yikes!  I checked out the new xml-commons resolver code and it looks like
two things tripped me up:

(1) Change in debug messages

old way:   Debug.message(1, "a debug message");

new way:   catalogManager.debug.message(1,"a debug message")

(2) CatalogManager no longer available as a static instance
of CatalogManager, now its spelled with a small "c" :-p

old way:  CatalogManager.ignoreMissingProperties(true);

new way:  catalogManager.ignoreMissingProperties(true);

With these two simple changes, the code will work with the
new resolver.

However, it still doesn't answer the backward compatibility question.
I guess we have to ask ourselves:

(1) how pervasive is the 1.0 resolver jar?  Since Ant 1.6 is
not yet released, perhaps we can simply make it work with resolver
1.1 and mention in the Ant release notes that it requires a 1.1+
resolver.jar ?

(2) If #1 is not acceptable, then can we create a solution that will
work with both, as Stefan asks below?

The coding is simple either way.  It is really a policy decision,
which I happily leave up to the "powers that be" :-)


Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> Hi,
> Craeg Strong's patch that added resolver support to Ant worked for
> almost a week, but now it doesn't anymore 8-(
> Ant builds happily against the 1.0 release of resolver.jar, but with
> the current CVS code, this here happens:
> <>
> What is the preferred way to deal with this?  In particular I'd like a
> solution that will work with both the 1.0 release and the current CVS
> code 8-)
> Any help appreciated
>         Stefan

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