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From Craeg Strong <>
Subject Re: Reviving Ant support for external catalogs
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 21:07:54 GMT
I just realized that, as of today, it is only possible to download Norm 
Walsh's XML catalog file resolver as part of a very large
source code release from and 
building it.

Since my patch (once its included) will make it desireable (though 
entirely optional) for more
people to have the resolver.jar available, perhaps we should include a 
pre-built version
as an optional part of the next Ant release?   I am hoping it would be a 
relatively straightforward
mod to the gump script to build it from CVS 
 (org.apache.xml.resolver.**) and create
resolver.jar in the jakarta FTP area...



Craeg K Strong wrote:

> Hello:
> Way back in May, I posted a patch which allowed <catalogfiles> tags
> inside <xmlcatalog>, to refer to an external OASIS catalog.
> Jeff has updated the patch to the latest Ant CVS, and it all seems to 
> work as
> advertised, and the testcase passes.
> Now may be a good time to apply this to CVS HEAD.  Since it is
> a new feature, it might be more appropriate there, rather than on
> the 1.5. branch.   Either one is fine with me...
> Attached is a .zip containing the patch, with instructions on how to
> apply it.
> Thanks!
> --Craeg

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