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From Jim Wright <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Proposed StreamPumper Hacks
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 05:59:59 GMT wrote:

 >Check out bug 5003.  I am writing some CVS related tasks when I have
 >opportunity.  In using the CVS task by composition the StreamPumper comes
 >into play.  I had problems getting the entire results of a cvs log into my
 >parsing code until I applied a few patches and made one myself.  The
 >details are in the bug log and the newsgroup postings I have made.
 >An archive of ant-dev can be found at:
Thanks for that.

Merging my patch and the proposed 5003 fix would mean
re-instating SLEEP for use in the interruptable read.
That's the important bit.

There are perhaps issues with the bundled
exceptionCheck(). If so, then one solution is to
unbundle it and just change Thread.sleep() to
Thread.yield() in run().

I was thinking exceptionCheck() might package
IOException in a BuildException.
InterruptedException would probably be handled in
the same way but the caller might want to catch
just these. This is the global question of how
exceptions are handled.

I might comment on 5003 later, but have a family
to feed and am contemplating what looks like an
Ant development black hole. ;-)



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