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From "Shackelford, John-Mason" <>
Subject Trying to understand Ant task
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 20:45:30 GMT

This is probably a lame question, but I am having trouble understanding how
the Ant task passes in the properties specified in the <property name=""
value=""/> subelements. There is only one addXXX method and it adds a
reference, but Property isn't a DataType so that's not it(?). When Ant can't
find another class to match an element, does it test to see if it is a task
and then attempts to execute it? I was under the impression that a task had
to be some sort of container to support executable subelements, but my
understanding is obviously shaky. There doesn't appear to be anything in
Task that would handle property subelements natively. What am I missing?

John-Mason Shackelford

Software Developer
NCS Pearson - Measurement Services
2510 North Dodge St.
Iowa City, IA 52245

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