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From Stefan Moebius <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] ReplaceRegExp should not append additional newline
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 15:59:35 GMT
Ok, maybe you can try the attached patch. What it does:

1. Neither '\r' (CR) nor '\n' (LF) are added to the line that gets
passed to the matcher.
2. Whatever CRs or LFs were in the input, will be in the output.
3. LF always ends a line, i.e. both "\n" and "\r\n" are single
4. CR will terminate a line if it is either followed by another CR (one
empty line here), or by any character except CR or LF. Thus both
"\r\r..." and "\r\r\n..." will be two lines.

Does this get the job done? 

Btw, how can I enable the replaceregexp test cases?


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