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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Optional task: Visual Basic.NET compile
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2002 03:50:04 GMT
On Sun, 8 Sep 2002 13:15, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> Steve Loughran wrote:
> > What I'd like to do would be to leverage the <defineset> and <libset>
> > stuff of <cc> for .net defines and references -there is no point
> > reinventing that stuff. But to do that, we'd have to pull the <cc>
> > codebase in to ant's CVS tree. Do you think it is time? I do.

It is not so much as whether it is time but whether it will be maintained over 
here to the same level it will be maintained where it is.

> This is a bit off-topic for pulling <cc> in, but back to the .NET stuff.
>    Since there is already NAnt and NDoc, it seems a bit much for us in
> Java-land to reinvent the wheel.  If their projects are good enough for
> .NET development, doesn't it make sense for us to deprecate what we have
> in that area and refer to them?  Ant can call their build and they could
> call us when projects need to cross those boundaries.

If people want to maintain them in normal Ant, then why not? Theres plenty of 
reasons to only want to use one tool to build your project. You may want to 
do some fancy code generation, xml generation or whatever or something else 
that is best done with Apache Ant. 

If it was not being maintained then I would object but I really see no harm as 
long as someone wants it and someone is willing to maintain it.

Ant alon already breaks my builds with every new version, imagine trying to 
remain compatabile with both of em aswell as MSes tools -- eek!

> p.s. not to start a flame war or anything, but i've come to the
> realization recently that perhaps open-source development is going to be
> bad (or at least give Sun tougher challenges) in the near future - C#
> ports of all of Jakarta and other Java projects would make Java-to-.NET
> developer migration a whole lot easier.  Reply-to: me, don't clutter the
> list with replies on this flame-bait :))

Of course - and thats the whole point. It could put Sun in a position where 
the only way Sun could compete is by opening up the platform. This would be a 
good thing for develoeprs. Sadly enough C# is actually a more open platform 
than java :( If Sun wants to keep Java tied up then C# development gives 
developers and users the opportunity to move to an open platform like mono. 


Peter Donald
 militant agnostic: i don't know, and you don't know either.

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