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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: versioning projects with the ant runner
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 21:36:33 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Well, first of all Centipede is changing in these days to use the new
> Ant embed proposal... anyway, here is a brief description for a
> knowledgeble person, who you are.

I plan to propose the embed to the main branch as soon
as I solve few remaining issues ( description, projecthelp ).

There is one more addition I want to make, an updated version of 
antlib ( the one in sandbox won't compile since it needs support in 
ProjectHelper ).

The antlib ( and possibly jjar, etc ) use is connected with the semantic
for namespaces ( at least each 'antlib' should have a unique ID - either
URI or URL that can be used as a namespace ). Most likely I'll just 
add a hook to delegate task location and creation. 

This is also usefull for tomcat ( to delegate to StandardClassLoader - 
which has some interesting features ).

I'm still working on the details - probably next few weeks I'll post
something. ( I'll also wait for Stefan to return from vacation )

Don't know how this will affect centipede.


> Centipede is concretely an Ant distro, with already present in the lib
> dir the new embed proposal, jxpath (used in the proposal), ant-contrib
> and jjar.
> I took the ant scripts, changes *ant* to *cent*, ANT_HOME to
> CENTIPEDE_HOME, and that's it.
> So the core motor of Centipede is Ant+embed proposal, and any normal Ant
> project can be run by Centipede.
> The real core of Centipede is a buildfile that projects can <import>,
> and that gives common services: it downloads the project required
> libraries from a repository using JJAR, downloads, expands and executes
> Ant plugins called Cents, and makes available information for the
> project from Gump's project descriptor.
> The Cents are simply buildfiles that can be imported, along with the
> libraries and resources they need.
> For example, the JUnit cent has the JUnit jars, the Junit style
> stylesheets and a buildfile for doing common unit tests.
> Each cent already knows where to operate because I enhanced the Gump
> descriptor with the info needed.
>                 <>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<>
> Currently we are refactoring to use the embed prposal, since before we
> used entity includes and antcalls.
> Apart from that we will be soon ready to roll another beta and make Gump
> runs avaliable.

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