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Subject FYI: tomcat5 to use ant for launch
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 17:12:10 GMT
We had a number of discussions and aparently a vote - and
the decision was to try to use ant as the 'default' way to launch

We already embed ant to compile jsps ( <javac> task ).

The idea is to replace all the .bat and .sh scripts and options
with a build.xml ( probably named launch.xml ), with <path> 
and all the nice things.

There are many benfits from this aproach - reusing existing 
and well-tested code, a familiar ( and well-known ) syntax,
a lot more flexibility. In additions starting/stoping and
controling tomcat from ant will be easier ( and very well 

It is possible we'll run into some problems and may need to
add few hooks - and I hope we'll get some support and help.
Patrick Luby is working on this - I'll try to help him
where I can.


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