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Subject Re: Creating custom data container rather than task for use as nested element in a custom task
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 00:41:17 GMT

>> I am still a bit confused as to when a class corresponding to a nested
>> element should inherit from the
>> (i.e. the fairly simple class).
>> The answer seems to revolve around when one needs to use reference ids.
>> I have access to the Oreilly Ant book via Safari
>> but have not found a good answer there.
>> I do not yet own Erik and Steve's book published by Manning.  Is this
>> question answered well there?

>um, no. We blissfully ignore those classes and say 'refids are handled
>automatically' with datatypes, skirting around the 'you'd all better share
>the same classloader 'problem, which crops up where we look at the C++
>and types.

>remember for nested text elements you need to do property substitution

What is property substitution?

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