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Subject [SUBMIT] AntJMX
Date Sun, 11 Aug 2002 23:40:36 GMT

Ant Tasks: configureMBean, copyMBean, invokeMBean, removeMBean, showMBean

Purpose: Allow Ant tasks to interact with JMX MBeans.
My motivation was to provide tools for J2EE resource creation and 
management from Ant that I use to build/deploy application. 
(e.g. create my JDBC pool and JMS queues/topics before I deploy my 
entity and message driven beans...), but the tasks are general enough 
for much broader use.

The current implementation supports BEA WLS 6.x/7.x and JBoss 3.0.1RC1.
Support for the JSR77 standard, and other JMX implementations is planned.

In brief, the tasks provided are:

    configureMBean :    get/set MBean properties
    invokeMBean :       invoke an MBean operation
    copyMBean :         copies all the properties of an MBean to a new MBean
                        the same type
    removeMBean :       unregisters an MBean from the MBeanServer
    createMBean :       creates a new MBean
    showMBean :         writes information about the MBean to the Ant log

Here's a simple example of how configureMBean works follows:

	<configureMBean name="mydomain:Name=mypool,Type=JDBCConnectionPool" 
            failOnError="false" serverType="weblogic" user="system" 
            <setAttribute name="MaxCapacity" value="${pool.size}"/> 
            <getAttribute name="TestTableName" property="testTable"/> 

Please refer to the user documentation for more information on all 
the tasks.

All constructive comments and feedback is very much appreciated.

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