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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: API documentatio not online!
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 12:48:30 GMT
Ernst de Haan wrote:
> The Ant API documentation has not been online for quite a while. 

It has never been online. What is there is really a skeleton for the build 
process. The redirect trick is to support doc generation using either 
javadoc 1.1 or 1.2+.

> Could this API documentation please be put online? I would like to refer to 
> it from the API documentation of my own task.
> If generating is a problem: I have generated the API documentation for Ant 
> 1.5 (Tag "ANT_15_FINAL") and put it online here:

Generating it is not too hard :-) - we do it as part of the release building 
process. The potential issues with the apidocs online are:

1. The Ant website is maintained in CVS. This is how most of the Jakarta 
website is stored. To make the manual available would require it to be 
checked in. (OK, it may not be absolutely necessary - more later). That is 
possible although somewhat tedious to maintain.

2. The API docs are about 17 Meg.

3. All Ant users have a copy of the API as part of their install anyway. 
While making it available online is nice, it is not strictly necessary.

4. Disk space & bandwidth are not unlimited at Apache. These will be 
increased over time but as you know things expand to fill the available 
space :-)

Currently some committers have access to the Website and could place the 
APIdocs there without placing in CVS. It is less likely that this access 
will be provided as time goes on, however. The trend is to automate the 
deployment of websites from CVS minimizing access required to the webserver 

I guess refreshing the website from Gump would be possible which could 
include the APIdocs.

Overall I'm not so fussed. The above are just some points to consider. How 
do other people feel about it?


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