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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Contributing to Ant?
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 19:14:34 GMT

Great enthusiasm!  A few inline comments:

Otto von Wachter wrote:
> I am interested in AOP, etc. and it also occurred to me that this would be an excellent
way to implement common functionality across tasks

I think AOP would be slick and handy for Ant also, but has not been met 
with much fanfare because of the complexity and learning-curve required 
for new users.  The Myrmidon project is doing "aspects" in code but not 
AspectJ - or so I've been told, I think.

> * Move to a system that allows docs to be generated - doc snippets should be included
with the tasks they document.

Have a look at the proposal/xdocs stuff that I did.  It uses XDoclet to 
generate documentation from Ant's source code.  It needs to be 
refactored to use the newer (currently CVS) version of XDoclet, but it 
does work pretty nicely as-is.

> An idea I had: could a task descriptor provide information like which attributes/combination
of attributes are required, etc.

This is the plan for the xdocs stuff, and would not be hard to encode 
that information.  Enforcing the contract denoted by @tags/metadata is a 
different story and would require a different architecture altogether.

As for getting involved in Ant development - just stick around and 
participate on ant-dev.  Ask questions, submit patches, and jump right in!



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