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From Brian DeWeese <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Can no longer build cvs tip
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 04:20:23 GMT
--- Stephane Bailliez <> wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Brian DeWeese" <>
> > Somethings changed recently that's preventing me from building
> from cvs
> tip.  The build gets through doing the bootstrap build but then
> fails to
> build from complaining about not finding classic or modern
> compiler.  My
> JAVA_HOME is set to the correct directory.
> What's cvs 'tip' ?

Sorry, I'm unfortunately more accustomed to VSS and PVCS where we
refer to the most recent revision as the 'tip', or at least I always
have, not sure about the rest of the world.
> The only thing that changed is the batch scripts such as lcp.bat
> for example
> that could have some sort of influence.
> It works for me, cvs HEAD, I have a modified bootstrap.bat that I
> did not
> committed but this should not have any influence.
> > Any ideas?
> Make sure your tools.jar is not corrupted, run bootstrap with -v,
> etc...
Your reference to the scripts pointed me to the solution, I should
have looked there earlier.  The problem is in ant.bat.  It jumps off
to "checkJikes" even though the java.exe compiler exists and
therefore bypasses the statements that append the rt.jar and
tools.jar to the classpath.  I'd say it's missing a NOT.  I added
that to my version and it fixed the problem.

Also, I'm not sure why it would want to reset _JAVACMD to just
"java.exe" when the "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe" version existed.  So,
I've changed the logic around that a bit and fixed a problem with the
@endlocal if statement.

I've attached a patch.  I hope you find it useful.

Brian DeWeese

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