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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Task scoping, configuration, logging (Re: Contributing to Ant?)
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 10:10:27 GMT
On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 02:33:01PM -0400, Otto von Wachter wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been following the Ant project and recently subscribed to the
> ant-dev list. I love Ant, and I would like to be actively involved
> instead of just standing on the sidelines. I would also love to
> contribute to the project in some way.
> I have a few ideas of areas that I would be especially interested in contributing:
> * Define task contexts that define various common aspects (logging,
> failure handling, etc.), and assign them to tasks. 

That would be very useful. Tasks could implement marker interfaces, like
Configurable and LogEnabled, and Ant then passes them a Logger or
Configuration object. Standard Avalon stuff.. are there any plans for
anything like this in 1.x?

> Just to give you some background about myself, I'm a Java developer,
> and use several of the Jakarta projects (Ant, velocity, turbine,
> jetspeed, etc) in my work. I actually have used Ant quite a bit, even
> beyond a build tool, to run batch jobs, etc. I know that the focus of
> Ant is to remain maily as a build tool, but I'm curious if there are
> any other efforts under way (or inteterest in the community) aimed at
> leveraging the strengths of Ant for other purposes? I noticed a mention
> of "Peter's cron-server" in the Ant2 requested featrues and it sparked
> my curiousity.

Self-plug:, and Ant-based functional testing
framework. Relating to your comment above, it implements a scoping system
where tasks can belong to 'groups', and groups contain loggers and
configuration properties, which are applied to all group member tasks.
Groups are inheritable. Full description at I'd be very interested
in a more general task scoping and configuration system.


> Regards,
> Otto von Wachter

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