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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject jspc fixed up but now broken due to other jasper changes.
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2002 07:23:57 GMT
ok, jspc is working again. looked like a schroedingbug to me: now that I
look at the code the cat is quite clearly deceased and has been for some

Bug is fixed, new tests are in there to kill two other issues with jspc.
That leaves the show-stopper of directory handling.

We are passing gump right now but this is accidental, it is because
tomcat-4.0 is not building, so there is no jasper for the jspc test. The
moment that comes back it may break, but this time with assertion
failures -certainly it does with 4.1beta8. The problem is that the tests are
set up for a version of jasper that maps 'simple.jsp' to ''.

The latest version from 4.1beta8 maps it to, so all the post
build assertions about file existence are gone.

I could change the assertions, but the real problem is that the dependency
mapping code (JspcNameMangler) needs to be in sync w/ jasper for dependency

Costin, Remy, other tomcat people on this list: Please pick a name mangling
algorithm, tell me what it is, and stick to it for the rest of the life of
jasperc and tomcat. With this change from 4.0 (simple mapping) to 4.1 (_jsp)
<jspc> breaks. I can fix it, but if it changes again it will break again.
More importantly, it explictly ties the jspc task to versions of jspc. We
are going to have to doc this in the manual pages, and if things keep
jittering around then we will be fielding support calls we dont need or


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