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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Splitting up optional.jar
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:38:12 GMT
I'd like to split optional.jar into several pieces:

* optional-nodeps.jar - all stuff which doesn't require any external
code or only depends on the JVM in use.  This one can savely live on
the system classpath.  

I'm a little stretched when it comes to the Swing dependency.  Should
this be placed into a separate jar as one could install javax.swing
for JDK 1.1 (and probably even Kaffe?).

* optional-trax.jar - all stuff that requires TraX interfaces.

* optional-weblogic.jar - this would combine all three weblogic
conditional patternsets.

* optional-antlr.jar
* optional-bsf.jar
* optional-icontract.jar
* optional-jakarta-bcel.jar
* optional-jakarta-commons-logging.jar
* optional-jakarta-log4j.jar
* optional-jakarta-oro.jar
* optional-jakarta-regexp.jar
* optional-javamail
* optional-jdepend.jar
* optional-jmf.jar
* optional-junit.jar
* optional-netcomponents.jar
* optional-netrexx.jar
* optional-starteam.jar
* optional-stylebook.jar
* optional-vaj.jar
* optional-xalan1.jar
* optional-xalan2.jar
* optional-xslp.jar

should be self-explaining.

Are there any better names?

What is that going to do to Stephane's diagnostics stuff?  Should I
keep the package version information in optional-nodeps' MANIFEST

Also I may need a little help with selectors:

Because I am lazy, I want to define the patterns only once.  That is I
want to define a selector that will exclude the ORO regexp matcher
from <javac> and the corresponding test from our testsuite if ORO is
not present - OK, <patternset> already does that.

I also want to use the same thing to exclude the classes from
optional-nodeps - even if ORO is present.  Adding if/unless on
patternset could solve that, but should it?

And I want to use the same thing as include filter for
optional-jakarta-oro.  Here a <not> selector would be handy, but it
doesn't work with <patternset>.  <name> doesn't support if/unless.

Is there some (currently) built-in way to do what I want?  I don't
think so.

What I could use immediately would be a selector container that
supported if/unless in some way.


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