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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Problem with latest Selector patch?
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 12:22:18 GMT
On 09 Jul 2002, Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:

> Locale?

Seems to be the case:

        DateFormat df = DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance(DateFormat.SHORT,
        Date d = df.parse("11/21/2001 4:55 AM");

results in 1006314900000 which is nine hours different from the value
you've had (which happens to be the difference between my time zone
and some US time zone in the west AFAIK).

I agree with Bruce that it is a testcase problem (needs to get
localized properly) and not a problem of the selector - so this
shouldn't stop us from doing the release IMHO.


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