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Subject Re: Embed Sandbox Proposal: HOWTO?
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 16:56:55 GMT
On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Waiting for your answer I have understood the ProjectHelper2, although 
> the delayed stuff is still a bit strange, but cool ;-S

Are you talking about dynamic properties ? I checked in a sample for 
JXPath, I hope to get it working on my way back ( thanks to CalTrain 
for the slow trains :-)

> But... I have a problem.
> Antcall doesn't work if I call a target of an imported file from a task 
>    in the imported file itself :-/

I fixed it - it was because of the static fields (that I copied from your 
patch :-).

> > The dynamic properties are 'plugged' by regular tasks
> This is what I don't understand well.
> Has it to do with PropertyInterceptor?
> Could you show me how it's supposed to work?

Check and test.xml.

I think it's pretty simple, but if you don't understand it I'm obviously
wrong and I need to search a simpler solution :-)

> > - and 
> > import is also a regular task, etc. 
> Although you left the renaming code in the ProjectHelper2...

As I said - more cleanup is needed.

I was thinking to replace PropertyInterceptor with a ProjectInterceptor
and consolidate all hooks - i.e getProperty, add a new addTarget, etc.

> > Give me few more days for this one. 
> I wanted to help you do it, but I also have to get ready for my vacation 
> tomorrow, so I just might have time to take a look and think of it while 
> on the beach next week :-D

Thanks. Right now I want to play a bit more with JMX and ant - I would
like them to play nicer togheter. On one side I want to be able to 
'embed' ant and any task by using MBeans ( i.e. Project and all tasks will
act as regular mbenas ). On the other side I want to be able to use
mbeans inside ant.

I'm not sure how or if it'll work or is a good idea - but I want to find 


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