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Subject Re: Vetoes are void? was Re: [VOTE] target-less build files - counting results
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 17:54:58 GMT
On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:

> Actually, there even was an implementation of this
> declarators, which provided exactly this, but was
> vetoed (I forget by whom). It worked quite well, we
> can bring it back if people like. ;-)

Make a formal proposal, put it to vote - and if it gets
a majority of votes it can be implemented. The implementation
can be vetoed, the proposal is a majority vote.

We do have a majority of votes on top-level tasks and
targetless tasks - but that doesn't mean <init> or
any other proposal that gets majority can't be implemented
and used.

I'm -0 on <init> and I'll probably not vote against any other 
style. If 3 commiters want to use a certain style and that
doesn't affect me - I see no reason to vote against.

> Why is it so much more dificult to add:
> <target name="main">
> </target>
> Adding those two lines around a target-less list of
> actions does not seem too more dificult to me.
> Is there some specific horrible escenario that you are
> concern about?

There is nothing wrong with doing that, and nothing stops
you ( or anyone ) from doing exactly that. 

If you think that this should be the only solution - put
this to a vote, get the majority to revert the vote on 
targetless - and we'll live with that. 

We can fight forever over taste and preferences over a 
style or another - and I think we should be as open as 
possible with other's preference. Even if something
is turned down by majority, if enough commiters want
something we should at least provide some hooks to
allow them to do that outside of ant.


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