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Subject RE: Hosting new Ant2 repository with SubVersion!?!?
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:40:29 GMT
I'm +1 on exploring SubVersion - but not for the ant2.

What about the optional task collections for a start ? That's a place
where we can benefit from a more flexible mechanism.

+1 on starting the ant2 in org.apache.ant, in the main branch, by 
adding the best ideas out of proposals and the main branch ( with
 one vote per interface / features and enough discussion on each )


On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Jon Skeet wrote:

> [1 was hosting Ant2 with SubVersion]
> > My first response was only about (2).  As for (1), go for it!  Just be
> > prepared to have some people watching our dev list, in case anything
> > comes up.  (And you might as well wait for the Alpha release, of
> > course.)
> > 
> > I guess also be prepared for a slightly greater inconvenience to
> > contributors.  After all, they probably already have CVS clients
> > installed on their systems; now you're asking them to install this
> > other `svn' thing as well.  It's not a huge burden, just something to
> > keep in mind.
> Hmm... it could, however, be quite a change for those of us with great CVS integration
in our IDEs. (I don't suppose there's a SubVersion Eclipse plug-in, is there? :)
> There's also the matter of the rest of jakarta - isn't it *all* done on CVS? How is SubVersion
going to fit in with the other projects? I dare say that SubVersion is better than CVS in
many respects, but keeping with a certain amount of uniformity has many benefits too.
> -0 on this one. I'd rather not, but I'm certainly not going to try to really put any
roadblocks up.
> +1 for starting an Ant2 repository of *some* description.
> Jon
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