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Subject Re: top-level tasks, import, projecthelp, targetless
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 06:40:19 GMT
On 24 Jul 2002, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> But as Costin said, this is part of the problem as you don't get
> property expansion for things that want to do something at parser time
> any longer.

And I think it is a very good thing to not execute XML as we read
it ( both property and import ). That will make ant less XML-specific,
more stable, etc - and aparently it has a very small effect on 
backward compat.

The real question I'm asking is what should the behavior be ?

I'm not very comfortable with the current solution of adding the
"" as a dependency to each target and use the normal execution - 
that would prevent ( or make extremely difficult ) anything similar
with import, where you want to alter the project structure ( by 
adding targets and deps ) during init. 

My proposal is to execute explicitely "" - before calling 
Project.execute(), so it can do imports and any other 
initialization that affects the Project object model.

We could eventually make the first one working, but it may
not be easy or clean. 

Stefan - what are exactly the problems you have with the 
second solution ? What's your take on import ( i.e. 
how should we implement it if we go with the dependency ) ?


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