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From "Glenn A. McAllister" <>
Subject Re: Visual Age for Java Ant Tasks
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 01:25:20 GMT
On Mon, 22 Jul 2002 wrote:

> Dear Mr.  McAllister:
> I have been looking at the Ant VAJ tasks that you wrote in pursuing an
> effort of mine to automate a 2-way sync between a CVS and a VAJ Repository.
> I have closely examined the Ant VAJ task source code and IBM's VAJ Tool
> Integrator API to better understand what the ant tasks are doing.  It
> appears to me that the current ant tasks available faciliate getting a
> version of a project by version number but not by latest version.  This
> strikes me as something someone else has probably already run into and that
> there is likely to be a solution/extension floating around as beta code
> somewhere.  Can you provide any guidance here?

I'm affraid I'm more than a little out of the VAJ Ant game, to put it 
mildly.  However, from what I see in the Ant 1.5 documentation, Wolf and 
Christoph have integrated the work I did into the optional VAJ Ant tasks, 
so it should actually be easier to do things than with what I wrote.

When I originally wrote the servlets, the only way to load a project into 
the workspace through the API required a specific version number (or 
identifier, sorry, I can't remember its been a while).  You couldn't say 
"Give me the latest version."  I haven't a clue if this has changed, 
probably Wolf or Christoph could answer that.

> It doesn't look that difficult to extend what you have already done, but
> I'm not sure how much time I will have to work on this.  A ready solution
> would sure make things easier.
> If I must extend the tasks myself, where is the lastest code kept? (jakarta
> CVS repository?)  Are there any unit tests available?

Since it's now in the optional task list, the source is maintained in the 
jakarta-ant CVS repository.

> Has anyone done something like provide a SOAP or XML-RPC interface to the
> VAJ Tool API using the same mechanism used by the existing ant tasks?

Sorry, haven't a clue.  Hopefully someone on ant-dev can give you more 

> Thank you for your time, and the effort you have already expended to create
> the ant tasks that currently exist.  Any guidance would be greatly
> appreciated.
> James Lee Carpenter
> Sr. Information Analyst
> Household Automotive Finance
> 858-609-2461

Good luck. :)

Glenn McAllister
SOMA Networks, Inc.

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