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Subject RE: [VOTE] target-less build files (plus a new proposal)
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 20:17:59 GMT
On Sun, 19 May 2002, Ara Abrahamian wrote:

> It's like a book without chapters :-) Boring, non-modular.

Maybe it's a short article - direct and on the subject. 

You don't need 100 page book with chapters, appendix, eratta
 to compile 2 java files. 

> I really don't find a target-less build file useful. Ant's build files

What I fail to understand is why people who don't find something useful
for themself assume that nobody will need them and can be removed.
Or why people assume what they like is 'good practice' and what
other people like is 'bad practice'. 

Nicola spends more time trying to deprecate top-level targets then he 
spends trying to get <init>.

> names like "main" are generally used everywhere as the base target. And
> imho, like Java language itself, we should encourage ppl to use good
> practices and even disallow bad practices, or leave them out of the
> system at least, like Java.

Well, do you have a magic ball that tells you what's good 
practice ? 

It seems there are at least few ant commiters who seem to believe
that targetless build files are usefull and convenient, and 
a valid ( and good ) practice. I don't think we're stupid, and 
the fact that we used ant for quite a bit of time and several
projects sugests we may not be completely clueless.

I'm getting tired of this discussion. I don't know if someone is
counting the votes - probably we need another [VOTE] thread
with the 2 separate issues, top level tasks and targetless
builds. And the majority should decide - no need to repeat
 arguments over and over. 


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