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Subject Re: Problems with <import>
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 22:57:33 GMT
On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> > That's a bit orthogonal - whatever is at top level has allways been
> > executed before anything else. 
> > 
> > If we add explicit init/destroy - different issue.
> ?
> I mean that it's sensible to deprecate IMHO amy top-level task being 
> run, and have them in <init>.

What do you mean "it's sensible to deprecate top-level tasks" ???

It cetainly isn't - this is how many people like to use ant, this is how 
ant allways worked - and if you don't want to use top-level, just don't. 
It is very insensitive to deprecate things that other like just because
you don't ( or think others are stupid and you know the 'right way' ).
Especially when you can do things your way, and deprecating won't 
allow the other people to do things their way. 

> Which completely hides the semantics, since "destroy" is not 
> conceptually what we want to run.

I see no problem with adding a 'destroy' tag - as new functionality.
For 'init' - there is already a way to do what you want.
(I wouldn't use 'destroy' name for many reasons - especially in 
a build file )

> > In your sample build.xml, mb2 depends on super.mb2. What does it
> > means ??? 
> in java:
> class mybuild extends mybuild2

I'm more confused here - extend and import are very different
things. I don't mind an 'extend' ( especially if you can extend
only one class ), but for 'import' you may have multiple
imports - and most people would be confused if import would
behave as extend ( I am ).

> > Finding the right hooks is the only problem, I don't want to 
> > expose too much SAX.
> In which sense it may be a problem?

Well, tasks like 'import' or 'depend' ( or others - antlib 
may need that, etc)  that operate on  the project structure shouldn't 
'see' SAX. The current model of adding code to ProjectHelperImpl is 
not very good IMHO - ant should work without any XML involved 
( embeded for example ). I don't want to hook Import using SAX.


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