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Subject Re: Problems with <import>
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 17:56:22 GMT
I'll check in a first version - it doesn't work very well yet.
Import is implemented as a task ( now that it can be top-level ).

What I'm going to do is change a bit the implementation of
top-level tasks. 

They'll still be added to an implicit target, and that target
will be executed first. But instead of achieving this by
adding the special target as a dependency to each other target
and relying on the deps graph, it'll be executed explicitely,
after the parsing and construction of the model.

This will be even closer to the original, and will allow 
other targets similar with <import>, with access to the 
processing model. The description handler will be another
task that'll do this.

Stefan, Nicola - comments ? 


On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 wrote:

> I modified the patch to work with ProjectHelperImpl2, but it won't
> work ( and it'll not work with ProjectHelperImpl either ).
> The problem is that after the changes to allow task at top
> level, the processing of the top level happens after the
> whole document is read. That  brakes the ImportHandler.
> There are 2 solutions:
> - change back the processing so that top-level elements are 
> executed after reading. Seeing how all things get cleaner and
> simpler with Stefan change - I wouldn't go this way.
> - change ImportHandler to work with the new model. 
> With the second solution it should even be possible to make it
> a regular task ( well, not very regular - it may have some hooks
> into ProjectHelperImpl ).
> That's what I'll try. As previously, my target is ant1.5, 
> I hope to be able to use this in the current build. 
> Costin
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