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Subject Re: My itches for 1.6
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 19:08:17 GMT
On Fri, 12 Jul 2002, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> > 3. Dynamic properties - i.e. not stored in the Project's Hashtable
> > but in a different and configurable source ( like jdk14 prefs,
> > xpath expressions on an xml file or jxpath, etc ). That will probably
> > be difficult to get accepted into the main branch, but it's worth
> > trying :-)
> What's the gain? (ie I don't understand what it means ;-)

Right now the properties are stored in a hashtable.

Dynamic properties would allow you to do lazy-load of properties 
from a runtime structure.

For example you can speciy an XPath expression on an xml document,
or a 1.4 preference ( stored in either the XML or registry ), or 
an expression in a BSF language. All this by using a special syntax
for the property and a hook in the property replacer ( and a global
setting to enable this and plug an evaluator ).

Accessing the 'prefs' ( either 1.4 or using some application-specific
API ) will simplify the integration of ant and reduce the duplication,
and hopefully the overuse of properties.  

Accessing 'live' XML documents using XPath or similar will simplify 
testing tools like anteater ( and the xml import, etc ). 

This _doesn't_ mean modifiable properties ( normal properties
will remain unmodifiable ), but could be used for this purpose.

> -include-import: Nicola Ken + Dominique
> -CVS task that uses netbeans CVS lib: Nicola Ken

I'm not making a list of features for 1.6 - it's just my
wish list and what I'll like to try to do.

I'm +1 on the include-import and I'll also be +1 if antlib
( or a variation based on mutant/myrmidon ) is proposed.


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