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Subject My itches for 1.6
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 18:15:32 GMT
For the record, this is the list of issues I will try to work on.
I hope most of them will be accepted in the release, but
if not I'll just provide them as add-ons using various hooks.

1. SAX2 support. While it is possible to use it as plugin,
I would like to propose deprecating ( but not removing :-) the SAX1 helper 
and use SAX2. 

2. Classloader improvements. I would like to use a different
startup procedure, and allow the use of a class loader hierarchy
similar with what tomcat is using. In particular, the startup
should be done with empty classpath, and the bootstrap should
scan the lib directory. 
Obviously, this can be configurable. In particular it should
be possible to keep the ant runtime in a separate loader, and to
add paths to the 'core loader' at runtime. 

This would solve the junit.jar issues, and much more, and will
be 99% backward compatible. The only breakage will be if classes
are using the system class loader directly - those will
have to be in the parent loader. 

3. Dynamic properties - i.e. not stored in the Project's Hashtable
but in a different and configurable source ( like jdk14 prefs,
xpath expressions on an xml file or jxpath, etc ). That will probably
be difficult to get accepted into the main branch, but it's worth
trying :-)

4. Various small improvements in embedding ( ant is already used in
jasper2 for compilation, and most likely its use will grow to possibly
deal with automatic compilation of servlets or rebuilding of webapps ).

If there is need, I can help with the JDK1.1 compatibility - eventually
by replacing the introspection-based code with something like 

Of course - this is my wish/itch list - and most of it can be done as add 
on, but I think it'll be usefull to have them in the core.


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