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Subject Re: Death of a mutant ...
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 05:14:26 GMT

I don't know if you noticed - I am pretty stubborn and I like to
fight when I think I'm right and is worth it. That doesn't mean
I am right, or that other people have the same opinion with me- quite
the contrary, most of the times the majority has a different

I don't agree with blocking the development of ant1 or with
going with a different codebase at this moment - but that
means one vote only ( and probably a lot more arguments :-). 

I think ant2 is not very far away - and I hope it'll have 
in it elements from both mutant and myrmidon, together with
the stability and simplicity ( and full API support )of the original

All that's missing for ant2 is getting the 2 proposals incorporated
into the main codebase - and few more ant1.x releases to mix it
well :-)
I do hope you'll reconsider removing mutant - and instead try to
get it in the main tree - but in smaller chunks that everyone can
handle ( and hopefully myrmidon will do the same ).


On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Conor MacNeill wrote:

> With the recent discussion about Ant2 (thanks to Dion), it has become 
> clear to me that Ant2 will probably not be realized in my lifetime :-). 
> The obstacles are legion. To persist with the development of my Mutant 
> proposal under such circumstances does not make sense to me. I am, 
> therefore, withdrawing Mutant as an Ant2 proposal.
> I will be removing the code and associated pieces soon, although you 
> will still be able to access them in the CVS Attic (if you don't mind 
> the dust).
> The inability to achieve even limited progress on, what was at the time 
> at least, the accepted need for rearchitecting is a little disappointing 
> to me. Improving Ant on the current codebase is not impossible, and it 
> seems many people believe this is the way to go. I will be interested in 
> seeing how it progresses. OTOH, I am not interested in carping from the 
> sidelines and since I believe the current implementation has its flaws, 
> I do not expect to be very active in these efforts.
> If I have caused offence to anyone while arguing the case for change, 
> then I apologize. To those people who took the time to look at Mutant, 
> you have my thanks - I hope it was fun :-)
> Good Luck.
> BTW, if another committer would like to take over management of the Ant 
> mailing lists, I think that would make sense since I will be taking a 
> break. Please send an email to
> Cheers
> Conor
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