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Subject RE: [warning inflammatory email] Stagn-ant?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 16:55:55 GMT
On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Jon Skeet wrote:

> > I don't have any itch with ant1 - and I don't know any issue 
> > in ant1 that can't be resolved. The core is reasonably simple ( and 
> > there's no sign an ant2 will make it simpler, quite the contrary ).
> Not sure I agree with that. There's one itch which Ant2 could scratch, 
> and that's finally ditching 1.1-compatibility. Admittedly there will 
> still be bits which need different versions of code for different 
> versions of Java, but I suspect they'll be greatly reduced. We can start 
> using the container classes properly too :)

I'm not sure 'ditching 1.1 compatibility' would be a step forward.

Having at least the basic functionality available in 1.1 is 
important - I'm ok if some tasks or features will not be available,
but at least compiling and the basic stuff is important.

I have a zaurus running j2me, and GCJ is not yet fully 1.2 - 
those are important targets for me.

There are good ways to clean up the code and make support for 1.1
easier - at least what tomcat 3.3 does is reasonably clean, and
no introspection is required. The curent ant core is reasonably 
small, and most tasks won't care.

( of course, few other projects still list JDK1.1 
as supported, and I think beeing able to build jakarta projects
with ant2 is quite important :-)


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