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Subject Re: Ant 2 et al.
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 14:31:56 GMT
On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Peter Donald wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Jul 2002 17:36, wrote:
> > See the Ant 2 requirements list....
> > But on my personal list:
> > - Better expression usage. See Jexl. Access to java objects rather than
> > just flat string properties.
> Possible in myrmidon but will never be possible in ant1.x due to backwards 
> compatability.

What has 'backward compatibility' to do with that ? 

I actually have a working ProjectHelperImpl for ant1 that supports 
expersions in ${properties}, using ${lang:expression} style ( lang: is 
used to locate the evaluator ). I'm trying to integrate JXPath and few
other EL.

The only possible problem may be that someone may have a build file 
with a variable with that name. However the 'dynamic' properties will
be enabled only by setting a magic property, so the impact is absolutely 

I'm also playing ( and is pretty close ) with Axis-style task definitions
and expressions - based on namespace. Since Ant1 is not namespace enabled,
again there is no backward compat problem - a build file with namespaces
can use the new feature, all old files will work the same.

Since this is completely done in the ProjectHelper impl, it doesn't even 
require changes to ant, will work with ant1.5.

> > - Default processing for various tasks, e.g. run an ant task without a
> > build file, if all it wants is a simple property that can be made
> > available from the command line.

Check out tomcat :-)

We use javac in jasper without any build file. And the IntrospectionUtils
allows command line arguments to be mapped to ant setters - I don't have a 
need yet to execute existing ant tasks from CLI, but it would be easy.
( I have few tasks that work as CLI, by using 3-4 lines of code ).


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