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Subject Re: <import> enhancement, it's done, but do you like how it works?
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 14:33:28 GMT
Jose Alberto Fernandez <> wrote on 07/11/2002 
11:45:23 PM:

> I see no reason why you need to consider "super" as
> special, from the point of view of the ANT engine. The
> implementation just needs to do a syntactic rewrite.
Yes, but it means something in particular. It's 'magic' for "call the 
replaced target". Magic != intuitive.

> You ask about backward compatibility. I see no
> compatibility issue at all. If you have targets called
> "supper.XXXXX" they are just there.
So what gets called if I already have a target in the build file called 
'super.XXXX'? What does the antcall do? Call the one that existed in my 
build file, or the 'replaced' target? Or both?

> If you have "super.XXXX" and "XXXX" there is no issue
> either.
> If you import such a buildfile into another AND
> redefine "XXXX", then the rewriting rule will renamed
> the original "XXXX" to "super.XXXX" which should cause
> a parsing error since you have two targets with the
> same name (just as it complains today). 
Which would be unnecessary if the magic 'super' didn't exist tho....

> Is this a backward compatibility issue? NO. In this
> situation you are modifying the build, directly or
> indirectly. Backward compatibility only means that old
> buildfiles have to keep on running as intended.
> It does not mean that I can start using anything new
> and not have to change something.
So once I start using a new feature of Ant 1.6, it's ok for my old build 
files to stop running as they used to?

>   <target name="mytarget" 
>      depends="${ant::super(mytarget)}">
>     <dostuff1/>
>   </target>
> now, I doubt anybody has a property called like that.
Yep, and I'll be stunned if anybody gets it right first time :)

> comments,
I'd much rather stick with import and include as XSL defines them. 
Clearer, consistent with other technologies, and no messy super.stuff to 
be done.

> Jose Alberto
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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