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Subject Re: Ant 2 et al.
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 15:45:59 GMT wrote on 07/10/2002 12:46:58 AM:

> On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, Conor MacNeill wrote:
> > On Tuesday, July 9, 2002, at 06:54 , Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> > >

> Well, I think ant1 is one of the cleanest and best documented codebases
> in jakarta and xml.apache. And it seems to have one of the best 
> communities, and probably is the most used. Not to mention that the 
> "Task" and the other core interfaces and the DTD are a de-facto 
To be fair to Ant, maybe this statement is true, and the codebase is 
cleaner than other projects, but IMHO it says more about the other 
projects than it does about Ant. As a part-time consumer of the API, the 
lack of javadoc is simply stunning. The tests are a god send though.

But the last time I looked at Struts for example, it was a lot better on 
documentation in the code bsae than Ant was. Some projects get people who 
feel docs and clean code are important, others don't. It's all about 
what's important to them.

> Try looking at tomcat, xerces, xalan, axis - all very good and 
> projects. You'll find far more mess and complexity, far less 
> documentation. 
Sad, really.

> I think this is a result of the simple core design in ant1, plus 2-3
> years of refinement on the codebase. 
Personal opinion: I think it's the result of hard work by those working on 
Ant, and the 'standards' they require.

> Of course, any proposal needs to start by saying that whatever was
> before is broken and can never be fixed. Most revolutions I know
'Never be fixed'? I have always assumed a proposal was about something 
that was considered broken, or needing change, not that it could never be 

> I still have to see one real issue that can't be resolved by 
> the current codebase but can be by a proposal. 
Of course not. All things are possible given infinite time and energy. The 
issue isn't whether they *can* be done in the Ant 1 code base, the issue 
is *should* they? My take is that it is faster to do new development using 
a cleaner base...

As someone who's done far more reading of Ant code than developing it, 
reading the Mutant code base (as an example) is a pleasure compared to the 
core Ant code.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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