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Subject Visual Age for Java Ant Tasks
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 00:59:30 GMT
Dear Mr.  McAllister:

I have been looking at the Ant VAJ tasks that you wrote in pursuing an
effort of mine to automate a 2-way sync between a CVS and a VAJ Repository.
I have closely examined the Ant VAJ task source code and IBM's VAJ Tool
Integrator API to better understand what the ant tasks are doing.  It
appears to me that the current ant tasks available faciliate getting a
version of a project by version number but not by latest version.  This
strikes me as something someone else has probably already run into and that
there is likely to be a solution/extension floating around as beta code
somewhere.  Can you provide any guidance here?

It doesn't look that difficult to extend what you have already done, but
I'm not sure how much time I will have to work on this.  A ready solution
would sure make things easier.

If I must extend the tasks myself, where is the lastest code kept? (jakarta
CVS repository?)  Are there any unit tests available?

Has anyone done something like provide a SOAP or XML-RPC interface to the
VAJ Tool API using the same mechanism used by the existing ant tasks?

Thank you for your time, and the effort you have already expended to create
the ant tasks that currently exist.  Any guidance would be greatly

James Lee Carpenter
Sr. Information Analyst
Household Automotive Finance

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