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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: Number Conversion
Date Sat, 20 Jul 2002 11:14:35 GMT
> I would like to add a rule when we convert strings to 
> attributes. This rule being;
> Hexadecimal numbers begin with 0x, Octal numbers begin with 
> 0o and binary
> numbers begin with 0b, all other values are assumed to be decimal.
> It is backwards compatible (as it would be invalid to include 
> 'x', 'o' or 'b' 
> in number in previous versions of ant. 
> This rule would apply to all numerics (int, short, byte, long etc).
> Any problesm with this?

When I was writing JBench, I found it was handy to be able to write large numbers with commas
in, eg a million as:


Obviously this is locale-dependent, which raises some issues. The other thing is that as JBench
often deals with rather large numbers, you run into the problem of being able to tell their
exact size far more often than in Ant.

As such, I suggest we *don't* actually include such functionality - but I thought it would
be worth mentioning in case others had views on it.

(Sorry, I know I've done this before with the "why not go to Java 1.3" issue - I'll try to
put forward things I think we *should* do in future :)


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