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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: Why stop at JDK1.2? Only semi-serious question...
Date Sun, 14 Jul 2002 07:15:49 GMT
> We had to use 1.2 last year for production as it was what ops 
> used, and yes,
> we used ant server side to run the deployment stuff.

> I dont think there is enough compelling to move to 1.3 over 
> 1.2. dynamic proxies are slick for things like XML to soap bindings 
> where you want a fast binding, but except for those tasks called many 
> times in a build (echo, copy), it probably isnt worth the effort.


> Java1.4 does add some interesting stuff for a change; I'd like to add
> asserts to my code again, NIO would be slick for something 
> high performance too. But we have to hold off using that till it is 
> widespread, which will take ages. And once you add assert statements, you 
> are definately discarding backwards compat.

Yup. I never understood why you couldn't tell javac to compile the source as if it were 1.4
source (ie with assertions) but just *not include* the assertion code. Then we'd only have
to think about people trying to *build* Ant on 1.4, which probably still wouldn't be appropriate
yet, but would make the time come sooner.

I wonder how hard it would be to write a byte-code assertion stripper, which took classes
generated with 1.4, retargetted the version number to 1.2 and stripped out assertions...


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