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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: Vetoes are void? was Re: [VOTE] target-less build files - cou nting results
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 10:38:32 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Peter Donald []

> However you and Costin have decided that no vetos count 
> anymore - only 
> majority votes. Because any veto enacts a "revolution" and then that 
> revolution is accepted by majority - thats the reasoning I believe?

I think this is fair anyway that this is a majority vote in most case. This
is a community and it must be in the whole group interest. If a single
individual can fuck up anything anytime and avoid the rest of the group to
move forward, that's not appropriate, especially since some may have
epidermic reactions while other may not.

If you are in a team and there is a vote each time to do something, let's
face it you will never be able to do anything. Someone will always say 'no'
to something and you will just get stuck for everything you try to do.

For this to work it means concession must be made, if something is
(dis)approved by a heavy majority, then there is no discussion and it must
be accepted unles you can persuade these people to change their opinions byt
explaining your problems with it.

Personally, I think majority is good. In this case, I don't want to fuck up
anything just by doing a -1, so it means I must do a 0 which does not even
reflect my position which would rather be a -0.5. I just don't agree, but
that does not mean I want to fuck up the whole process. If a majority think
this is good, then why not. I can accept that. If this is is not good, then
it will be a mistake. So what ?


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