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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: Splitting up optional.jar
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:31:00 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stefan Bodewig []

(concat between your original mail and your previous reply..sorry I got lost
between mails)

>> I don't get it. Why trax ? or why trax only should I say.
>> What do you plan to do when a task depends on say trax AND bsf ?

>There is no such case, inquire when it happens. 8-)

May I ask what you have in mind exactly ? If you do this for trax t

[... optional-xxx.jar ...]
> Are there any better names?

As mentioned by Henri, ant-tasks-xxx might be better than 'optional'

> What is that going to do to Stephane's diagnostics stuff?  Should I
> keep the package version information in optional-nodeps' MANIFEST
> only?

mmm.. no idea, but we just can throw it away if we change the way it's
Currently the verification was just checking for the core and optional
If we change this, I'm not sure how we can enforce a version check for each
task 'jar' except that maybe when loading the task from a given package we
do a version check...

> Also I may need a little help with selectors:

Don't know much about selectors, sorry.

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