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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: Death of a mutant ...
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 15:38:50 GMT
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> From: []

> Again - my -1 is on adopting a large chunk of code, mostly unreviewed
> ( and certainly not the level of review ordinary changes in 
> ant have ).
> And I'm -1 on making the core more complicated than it is - and so 
> far both proposals do that IMHO, mostly without real gains. 
> But of the 2 proposals, Mutant is what I would have probably choosed
> if forced to. And I have no problems with adopting a new core or/and
> new implementation - if it is clearly better.

I agree with you here but cannot really judge the real benefits, so I would
say the smallest code base, the better.

> As for JDK1.1 compat - I'm strongly against making the new interfaces 
> require 1.2. There is absolutely no justification. I'm ok with using
> 1.2 in the implementation - since 1.1 implementations will be 
> possible.

I must be missing something.
How do you plan to make it work in a 1.1 if your implementation is 1.2 ?

> I hope everyone realize how many users ant has - I suspect more people
> use ant than JDK1.4 today. There are huge investments in time and 
> learning, books, etc. If we really want a new API for future 
> - it better be _very_ good.

No one asked for JDK 1.4 so don't extrapolate.

I'm tired of Enumeration, toArray(), Vector/Hashtable, isFile()
!isDirectory() or use reflection to get some benefits of JDK 1.2 methods if
available. No need to reinvent and recode what has already been done and
exists. Why should I need to recode a Manifest class ? unecessary code. We
have load of unecessary codes like this. Should it be for creating a temp
file. For copying the content of a vector into an array. etc...

Switch to JDK 1.2 will only avoid unecessary effort and unecessary checking
that takes place for little or no benefit. No one force you to upgrade to
something that requires JDK 1.2. If you are happy with your version and that
you NEED JDK 1.1, then stick to it. period.

Staying with JDK 1.1 here is only to me purely 'artistic' like I could be an
artist by using my diving tables and do my maths underwater rather than
using my diving computer. All divers know how to use tables but don't expect
someone to have fun doing her maths why all her buddies use a computer and
know the exact profile of the dive and can better optimize their time. Same
for skydiving. You can jump with a round style parachute rather than a
square one but don't be surprised if you have some landing problems  while
your buddies do a perfect and slow landing with their canopies.

That's not because you like it that you should inflict pain to others.

Sorry for the mumble. 


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